Our mission is to promote patriotic unity across America. Our vision is one nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

If you are a born citizen of the United States, have you ever wondered what your life might have been like had you been born in a different country? Would you be living in a village mud hut with no running water? Would you be residing in a nation of Sharia Law or a communist country like China, where you could lose your freedom for declaring faith in Jesus Christ? Would you find yourself trying to survive in a concentration camp or prison for disagreeing with the policies of the government? Or would you already be dead, buried in some region of the world where the rule of law has completely broken down?

Those of us who are blessed to be Americans have been exempted from these nightmare scenarios, at least so far. We are heirs to a political miracle. Bishop E.W. Jackson created this website for two kinds of people – those who appreciate the blessing of being Americans and those who do not. It will affirm patriots in their gratitude. For citizens who have taken our country for granted or been taught to resent it, it will, it is hoped, awaken them to a new appreciation.

Leftist elites and their acolytes are advocating policies which can only serve to destroy this last best hope on earth. The COVID pandemic unleashed the forces of tyranny trampling the Constitution and using unconstitutional power to control the private lives of Americans. Government spending is out of control. Inflation is ravaging family budgets. Traditional marriage and family are under attack. The church, once the most culturally influential institution in our country, is marginalized. Churches and pastors have been shut out or opted out of political discourse. Crime is at epidemic levels, while violent criminals are released to terrorize law abiding citizens. Public schools have joined the entertainment culture in the madness of sexualizing and indoctrinating children instead of educating them. Even our military has become a laboratory for bizarre socio-sexual experimentation and racial obsession. Our Judeo-Christian values are denounced as racist or irrelevant. Most of our news and information comes from people who are anti-American and anti-Christian and denounce our love of country as dangerous “Christian nationalism.” Ninety percent of reporters and pundits are secular humanists, if not declared atheists. They call Christians and conservatives “extremists,” but they are the ones who have radically departed from our founding principles.

The Left believes that every disparity in life is the result of “discrimination,” and must be cured with more government spending, intrusive regulations and higher taxes to pay for it all. Where there is no tangible justification for the intrusion, they make them up. For example, they must take control of your children to help them find their true “gender identity.” They must censor your speech to stop you from spreading medical or other kinds of “disinformation.” The path to utopia is unlimited government power and control. What they do not tell us is that “social justice” is a euphemism for totalitarianism, and the fundamental transformation they seek is to turn the dream of a shining city on a hill into a nightmare of absolute tyranny.

Patriots do not pretend America is a perfect country, but we are a nation of decent people. We are more charitable and we have done more to defend the dignity and worth of the individual than any people in history.

Bishop Jackson is an American, descended from slaves, and confesses without apology, “I love my country. We can focus on our mistakes and shortcomings or focus on our aspirations and nobility. We can gaze with bitterness at the past or lift our eyes toward a fulfilling vision of the future. I renounce bitter obsession and embrace aspiration and vision.”

America is a gift God has given to us and the world. We must appeal to the conscience of our nation to return to the values that made us great. Only by reaffirming our historic values will we save our beloved republic. Sincere Americans of all backgrounds and political affiliations must unite around our foundational principles.

The United States of America is not an accident of history. We are a providential nation. We were founded on godly principles which have withstood the test of time. We are free, and by the grace of God and an engaged citizenry and leaders like E.W. Jackson, we will remain free.

He is a patriot descended from slaves. As with most Americans, his ancestors paved the way for his liberty. There are many places where we might have been born—Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, South America, Asia or anywhere else on the globe. Being born an American did for us what no other heritage could have. It made us heirs to the spiritual and intellectual giants who birthed and shaped this nation: George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Patrick Henry, Frederick Douglass, Abraham Lincoln, Booker T. Washington, George Washington Carver, Martin Luther King Jr. and so many others.

This website and its accompanying podcast “E W Jackson for America” were created to call us together around our shared legacy and common destiny. Bishop Jackson is calling all Americans to unite in fulfillment of the vision of a sweet land of liberty—“one nation, under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”