Since the 1960’s Americans have been bombarded with an anti-American, unpatriotic polemic against our country. Colleges and universities have become hotbeds of radical left wing politics. Karl Marx, socialism and communism have been romanticized while America’s Founding Fathers have been villainized. During the sixties, the preferred expression of this sentiment was to burn and trample the flag. Then it was mainly drug addled hippies and self-styled revolutionaries. Today, professional athletes who are paid hundreds of millions of dollars refuse to stand for the Flag or the national anthem.

Bill Ayers, former domestic terrorist bomber famously said, “Bring the revolution home. Kill your parents.” A generation, later, government policies have indeed brought the revolution home, and all but killed the family. The Judeo-Christian values which were once the basis of moral consensus and cultural hegemony have been so undermined that many fear a violent rupture – a civil war. We are coming apart at the seams.

Presidential candidate Barack Obama said before his historic election, “We are only five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America.” He would have been more accurate to say, “we are going to continue to fundamentally transform the USA.” That transformation had begun before Obama was born. He was not the father, but the child of America’s cultural revolution.

The most persuasive indictment which has captured hearts and minds, particularly the younger generations, is that America is “racist,” indeed “white supremacist.” Pseudo-historians and hack scholars such as Howard Zinn and Hannah Nicole Jones have argued that America is built on racist exploitation. Critical Race Theory supports this false view. This lie nonetheless appeals to the romanticism of the young in their search for cosmic and social justice.

In the midst of this social and historical confusion, a clarion voice is being heard – Bishop E.W. Jackson. He is the great grandson of slaves, a former foster child, a Marine Corps veteran, a Summa Cum Laude college graduate with a Phi Beta Kappa Key, a Harvard Law School graduate and a passionate patriot. He loves America because he see the truth about who we are. His life is a living testament to the truth that America is not racist or white supremacist. It is in fact the greatest place on earth for the realization of your God-given potential and the fulfillment of the destiny your gifts, talent abilities and hard work allow.

As a student of history and America’s place in the world, Bishop Jackson brings a powerful antidote to the poison of American self-hatred. This website offers his perspective, not only on the economy and history, but on the cultural, social and spiritual forces at work to dismantle America. Some call his views common sense, but truth is no longer so common, and wisdom is in short supply.

Whether we are talking about race, immigration, crime, inflation, taxes, abortion or the constitutional limits on government power, he is inspiring Americans to smash the lies and elitism of political parties and the tyranny of ideology to get to the truth.
America is already in a civil war of ideas. E.W. Jackson has taken sides. He has taken sides with God, the American people and the Constitution. He is determined to search out and promote the truth, no matter who it offends. Jesus said in John 8:32 – “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”

Demagogic lies hold people in the bondage of bitterness, division and hatred. Truth sets people free. As long as we know the full and illustrious truth about America in the context of the world and human history, we will never surrender our freedom. With faith in God and a commitment to peaceful persuasion, E.W. Jackson is determined to do everything in his power to preserve and defend the liberty of the American people

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