Elect Herschel Walker

As you know, the Georgia Senate race is heading for a runoff on December 6. I want to thank you for your support for what we did in Georgia. We ran over 500 radio ads.  It is no exaggeration to say that if we had not done so, there would be no runoff. If Raphael Warnock had gotten 95% of the black vote, he would be Senator again. Our ads had driven his support down to 78%.

The appearances of Barack Obama and Oprah Winfrey helped shore up his support and he picked up some points after they campaigned for him, but not enough to get him over 50%. We cannot give up now. Victory is still within striking distance.

Out of 2,524,348 votes cast, Herschel was only 37,706 votes short, about 9 tenths of a percent. I am convinced that with Herschel’s supporters, Gov. Kemp’s help, and our pushing harder to take black votes away, he can emerge victorious. Think about this. If we can take away a percent from Warnock and Gov. Kemp can add a percent to Hershel, we will have U.S. Senator Herschel Walker. It is that simple.

We are targeting eight Gospel stations in Georgia to inundate the airwaves with six ads a day in the last two weeks leading up to the election. There have been vicious attacks on Herschel Walker for things that allegedly happened thirty years ago.  On the other hand, Raphael Warnock’s former wife accused him of running over her foot during a domestic dispute just two years ago. This man supports abortion and subscribes to the teaching of the God-hating Karl Marx. When black Christians learn who he really is, they will turn away. Even if they won’t vote Republican, they won’t vote for Warnock.

Our ads are doing what the candidate cannot do, the Republican Party will not do, and no other organization is doing.

In order to adequately cover the state of Georgia, we will need to spend about $70,000. This would allow us to sponsor six spots per day for two weeks including the day of the runoff. This is a pittance compared to the millions which will be spent in the next three weeks, but it is a smart political investment because it is focused, specific and cost effective.

I have a donor who is willing to match your contribution up to $10,000. That would get us to $20,000 – almost a third of the way to our goal. We need to start running ads next week.

Make the most generous donation you can now.


One more thing to consider. We need this Senate seat. It doesn’t get us the majority, but it keeps us at parity and it removes a radical leftist from the U.S. Senate. The political map looks much better for us in 2024. The closer we are to a Majority in the Senate, the easier it will be to take the absolute majority in the next election.

The radio ads range from $20 per spot in some areas to $600 a spot at one Atlanta station. This is about saving America. Anything you can give will help.

May God bless us to restore our country to Constitutional governance, the rule of law and the Judeo-Christian foundation which gave us the greatest nation in history.

Thank you for your partnership in the effort.

For God & Country,

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Bishop E.W. Jackson Sr.