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Sweet Land of Liberty (Shipping included in price)


E.W. Jackson’s Vision Of America is a beautiful mosaic of people from different ancestral origins coming together to produce an enriched and abundant life of liberty. For nearly a quarter of a millennium this great experiment in freedom has succeeded beyond anyone’s imagination.

Now the very foundation of our nation are threatened as at no other time since the Civil War. Instead of self-evident truths, we are being fed self-destructive lies: There is no God. There is no absolute truth. We are our own moral arbiters. We are accountable to no one but ourselves.

Moral degeneration always leads to the decline of a nation, and – left unchecked – to its ultimate collapse. Either we continue steadfast in our God-given liberty and Judeo-Christian values or we degenerate into the tyranny which will rob us of our freedom. Using government to meet every need and control every aspect of life is precisely what our Constitution was designed to prevent. It preserves our freedom by limiting the power of government.

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